The GizaGig Story

GizaGig was born out of a passion for grass roots live entertainment. These are the thousands of gigs going on every week in local bars, hotels and homes. These are the events where rock stars are born, bar managers are made, and audiences have a great time. These are the Gigs I have been playing and booking for over twenty years.

Of course as an Act or as a Booker, it’s not all fun. Whether it's filling the diary, organising posters, or creating social media posts for upcoming gigs, nearly every stage of the process is slow and tedious. So much time is spent making phone calls, sending emails, waiting for responses, etc. And sometimes it’s all to no avail.

This has been my on-going experience over the last twenty odd years. However, a few days in July of 2014 were particularly frustrating: I needed to fill four dates for a local pub, and one date of my own. It took nearly three full days of backwards and forwards to fill the four bar gigs, and I didn’t manage to fill my own. The whole experience drove me crazy. I knew there were Acts out there who would bite my hand off for those pub gigs, and others whose event I would have been the perfect entertainer for. Yet, there was no properly effective way for them to find me, and vice versa!

I knew it didn’t have to be like this. After all, I could book an entire world trip, flights, hotels, tours, transfers, restaurants, all in just a few minutes and without the need to leave my computer. Yet I couldn’t find someone to do a paying gig down the road! And so the seed for GizaGig was sown...

So what did the seed grow into? A cloud based live entertainment management and instant booking system. At its core it works similarly to online booking platforms such as hotel booking sites, allowing Users to search, preview, check ratings & reviews, and make bookings.

However, with our mission to “Revolutionise the live entertainment experience”, it had to be so much more than just a booking engine. It had to offer real time saving and money making benefits for Acts and Venues across all areas of the live entertainment process. We wanted to do this by creating benefits that help Venues and Acts to professionalise and fully systemise their bookings, management, and promotions processes. It had to take the hassle out of the tedious tasks around bookings. I believe we have done so by creating a system that not only enables easy instant bookings, but that also looks after the creation and distribution of posters, regularly publishing posts directly to Acts and Venues social media pages, sending text reminders to everyone involved in an Event so that they know what’s happening, when, and who’s involved.

As a platform intended to help grow and promote grass roots live entertainment, we will never be finished growing and developing new ideas. I hope you enjoy and benefit from what the team have done so far.