Act Pricing

As an Act receiving live entertainment bookings, you have complete use of the system for free. The only cost is a handling fee payable on each booking received.

So sign up now, and take full advantage of these free time saving and money making benefits that apply to all of your gigs, EVEN those not booked through GizaGig!:

  • - Facebook: Every gig you have coming up, we’ll create and publish posts directly to your Social Media pages.

  • - Text Message Reminders: We’ll send text messages to you and your Act members on the day of live events to keep everyone up to date.

  • - Reports: Our reporting suite tells you how much you’re earning, when you’re earning it, and from whom and what types of gigs.

  • - Plus much more...

Act Handling Fees

A handling fee is payable for every booking received. It is paid by the person making the booking and then deducted from the payment they make to you.

  • - Pub gigs: 8.9%
  • - Private Functions: 15%
  • - Wedding Events: 15%
  • - Corporate Events: 15%