5 Tips for Writing More Professional Emails


Hey, wud der b any probs writin like dis if u wer applyin 4 a job? Would you address the person as “pal” or “dude” or “man”? Would you ignore common grammar, WRITE ALL IN CAPITALS, or avoid capitals all together? You might, but you’d be a long time waiting for a response, let alone an interview. So why is it that some musicians and bands send emails written like this when looking for gigs?

It certainly can be argued that it shouldn’t make any difference, it’s the music and performance that matters. But the reality is it does. Grammerly.com recently conducted a poll where they asked, “Does the accuracy of someone’s spelling influence your opinion of his or her competence?”. 85% of the twenty odd thousand votes were “Yes”. Because bookers receive way more band applications than they have gigs for, they’re always looking for ways to filter out acts. Amateurish looking messages, can be one such filter.

You don’t have to be a writer or sales person, just follow some basic rules such as these 5 tips to writing more professional emails:

1 - Keep it Short: Keep individual sentences, as well as the entire message, short and concise. If necessary, break it up into paragraphs to add space.

2 - Check Spellings: All common messaging platforms contain an automatic spell checker, use them. Avoid “Text Speak” for the same reason.

3 - Be Courteous: If you don’t know the person you’re writing to, address them with “Hi” and their first name if you have it. The likes of “Hey man” is fine to your peers, but not a stranger.

4 - Punctuate: Don’t forget to put full stops at the end of sentences, commas where a break is needed, and question marks where required.

5 - Use Capitalisation Properly: Words written entirely in capitals indicate you’re shouting. Sentences written without any capitals, indicate you don’t give a crap! As a general rule, Capitals should only (and always) be used at the start of sentences and names.

More professional looking emails are no guarantee of a booking or even a response, but they certainly will increase your chances. When sending a message to a new booking prospect, take that extra moment to check it over. Those reading it, will be glad you did.