5 Tips to Keep Your Customers (And the Band) Safe!


Over the Christmas season a lot more people than usual go out. And hosting Live Entertainment helps ensure that it's your door they come in. But with extra customers comes extra risks, especially when the Entertainment gets the party started!

That “Christmassy feeling”, a bigger crowd, a cracking band or DJ — they all conspire to make every night over the holiday season a great one. Whether your customers are young or old, you know that there’s something about this time of year that sees even the quietest among them getting into the party spirit. And as happens when people let their hair down, the risk of an accident goes up. So to ensure none of your nights end with a BANG (and a possible insurance claim!), there are a few simple precautions you can take:

1 - Stage: Having a raised stage, or even a cordoned off area for the band gives them more space to move, helping ensure a better performance, atmosphere, and night for everyone. Keeping a distance between the Live Act and your customers ensures your guests don’t find themselves nose to nose with either the band or the stage equipment.

Act Set-Up: Whether you hire a DJ or a band, it’s important that they have a tidy set-up. This means gear being kept off walkways, cases put away neatly and tidy once unpacked, and all stage & sound equipment properly secured so that it cannot be knocked over.

Extension Leads and Cables: Ideally there should be sufficient sockets available in the area you want the Act to play in. Where this is not possible, ensure any extension leads are safely covered or hung. Keep a roll of heavy duty adhesive “warning tape” in your tool box. Snagging a foot on a wire can be a minor trip at best, but a complete power-cut and/or major accident at worst.

Watch and Listen to the Band: Live Act members often have a better view of what’s going on in your pub than you do. And because they are continually looking at the audience, they see things that you don’t. Keep an eye on the band and look out for warning signals from them.

Offer the Band a Drink: After a gig it is understandable that most Acts just want to pack up their things and go. However, when you have a pub full of customers, breaking down bulky heavy gear and humping it to the van through a throng of customers may not be the safest idea. The band usually finishes close to the end of the night anyway, so consider throwing them up a drink and asking them to hang on for a few minutes until the crowd thins.

Murphy’s Law

Just because you’ve never had an incident, it doesn’t mean you never will! Insurance premiums are already a huge burden, so an increase after a claim pay-out could be the final straw. Don’t take chances and run the risk of falling foul of Murphy’s or Litigation Law because remember: “Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong!”