5 Valentine Songs for the Broken Hearted


As we know from W.B. Yeats, there’s nothing worse than unrequited love or a broken heart. With some cover bands likely to be playing to such an audience on the night, we’ve decided this year to suggest some anti-Valentine songs to include in your set. Here are 5 tear jerker (or blood boiling!) suggestions for you:

1 - “November Rain” - Guns n’ Roses: Despite their tough exteriors, 80’s and 90’s rock bands were big softies deep down. And none more so than Mr. Rose and Co. It’s just as well, otherwise we wouldn’t have classics like November Rain - a guaranteed crowd pleaser!
- https://youtu.be/8SbUC-UaAxE

2 - “A New England” - Kirsty MacColl: While too much outside influence tends to make a good relationship fail, in the case of Billy Bragg’s classic, it was essential for success; The opening line is courtesy of Simon & Garfunkel, the melody is Thin Lizzy’s, part of the intro isn’t unlike Pink Floyd, and Kirsty MacColl even asked Bragg to write two additional verses before she’d release it. No wonder it’s such an iconic song!
- https://youtu.be/Vnzpg5GgQCo

3 - “Catch the Wind” - Donovan: One of those classics that works for several reasons; Whether it’s the nostalgia of Kevin and Winnie, that unmistakable 60’s sound and sense of innocence, or just the fact that it’s a beautiful song, it’s perfect for a Valentine’s night set.
- https://youtu.be/J8hjEYTpwE8

4 - “Without You” - Harry Nilson: Despite being about unrequited love, Nilsson’s “Without You” is undoubtedly one of the great love songs ever. A fantastic cover….if you can pull off those skyward notes!
- https://youtu.be/8dnUv3DUP4E

5 - “(Can’t Live Without Your) Love and Affection” - Nelson: And last but not least, something to give broken hearts a little lift. Granted you need to see the video in order for that to happen, but it’s well worth it; flowing blonde locks, impeccable late 80’s high pitched male harmonies, early 90’s artistic video, and knee-high red leather boots!
- https://youtu.be/x1W6-ErrHls