5 Places to Hang Your Bar Entertainment Posters


Your customers are in for some real entertainment treats in your bar this month. You’ve booked several live bands, have a weekly quiz, and you’re showing tonnes of top class sport on the TV. You’ve put it all onto a Monthly What’s On Poster to spread the word, had a batch printed. Now you just need to hang them where they’re most likely to get read. Conveniently, every pub has multiple poster “sweet spots”; places where customers are away from their friends and have the time to read what entertainment’s coming up in your bar. Here are our top 5 suggestions:

1 - Front Window: An eye-catching poster displayed in your front window will make passers-by stop, and they will look at it to see what it’s about. The bigger the better, so that it can even be seen from across the street. A1 or A0 sizes are most appropriate.

2 - Behind the Bar: Nearly everyone that comes into your pub will stand in front of the bar at some point and remain there long enough to read the contents of a What’s On Poster. Just ensure they’re big enough for people to read without taking away from the look of your bar. We’d suggest A2 or A3 depending on how much live music and other entertainment you have.

3 - Entrance Way: Whether coming or going, people tend to loiter in a bar’s entrance way. They could be waiting on a taxi or their friends, taking a private call, or simply strolling in at their leisure and allow themselves to get distracted by a poster. Aa A3, hung in a place where the reader isn’t blocking everyone else, is perfect

4 - Smoking Area: Throughout your bar’s opening hours, your smoking area will have a steady stream of individuals taking a few minutes out from the group they’re with. As their only focus is having a cigarette, it is the perfect time to grab their attention and keep it for a few minutes by giving them something engaging to look at. Suggested sizes are A3 or A2.

5 - Toilets: Toilets are an often untapped resource in a bar. It is a place where your customers are likely to visit at least once on a visit, where they will spend time disengaged from others, and where they are more likely to take time out to read something that’s put in front of them. An A3 poster on the rear of each cubicle door, above each urinal, and above the hand drier, are perfect locations.

Be Consistent
Monthly What’s On Posters are a fantastic way to promote all of your bar entertainment. They are low-cost, have longevity, and are engaged with differently to every other marketing medium you use. However, they are useless unless you consistently produce them each month, and hang them in the same places.