5 Reasons to Offer Bars a Discount for Booking Your Band


Should your cover band offer a discount to get pub and venue gigs? Absolutely!

Done properly, offering a discount is a great way of securing gigs long-term. If you’re unsure as to whether you should, here are five things to consider when thinking about it:

You’re an Unknown: If you’re not known, your name won’t mean anything to the people you want to book you. Offering a discount on early gigs offers Pubs more value, and an incentive to book you because the perceived risk is lower.

It Builds Trust: Any time a Publican books on a new Act they are taking a financial risk. If their customers don’t like the choice they’ll leave and go elsewhere, but the band’s fee still has to be paid! Offering a discount tells the Publican that you understand this and want to share the risk so that you can prove yourself. It helps build trust.

It Opens the Door: Repeat gigs are essential for professional cover bands and musicians. This can’t happen without the Act getting in the door in the first place so that they can develop a relationship with the Publican. Offering a discount for the first one or two gigs can open that door. Taking a short term hit, can lead to long term gains.

Sometimes it Boils Down to Price: For the majority of Pubs, the decision to book a Band is based on the quality and value an Act provides. However, although it happens much less than you might think, from time to time booking decisions do boil down to price. Getting your timing right and offering a discount at the opportune time, may just get you the Gig!

Good Business Sense: As mentioned earlier, repeat gigs are essential to the survival of any cover band or musician. So you need to keep onside with the bars that book you already. If this means giving a discount the odd time when asked, go for it because it’ll stand to you in the long run.

Be Warned!

Discounting will help secure bookings, no doubt. Done properly and strategically it can have a very positive effect on your fortunes as a band. However, discounting does come with a serious health warning: Discount too regularly to new bars and you’ll become known for it. Discount too regularly to your existing pubs and they’ll come to expect it.