5 Things to Include on Your Monthly "What's On" Poster, Apart from What’s On


Even if you’re only doing a weekly quiz and showing the odd free to air sporting event on TV, a monthly “What’s On” poster is a must for your pub. However, a “What’s On” poster doesn’t have to be just about what’s on, it can help drum up business in other ways. As discussed in a previous blog, “5 Places to Hang Your Bar Entertainment Posters”, when hung in the right places people will take the time to read a poster. You can take advantage of this and maximise the advertising opportunity for your venue by including information about more than just what’s on.

Your Name: Just because someone is in your bar and reading your poster, doesn't mean they’ll make the connection! So put the name of your pub on the top.

Tagline: Think about what you want your bar to be known for, then say it in twelve or less words. Something as simple as “Great Food, Great Live Music & Great Craic!” says a lot.

Other Services: Do you have ongoing special offers, accept party bookings, or serve food? If you have services to offer that can bring in more business, get it onto your posters! Just make sure to change the message each month so as to keep it fresh.

Contact Details: If you accept party bookings or are happy to answer customer queries, then tell them how to get in touch with you.

Social Media Platforms: Don’t just assume people know you’re on Facebook or other social media platforms. Make it obvious by including the relevant logos.

Posters Made Easy

Although essential to your business, compiling a monthly bar entertainment “What’s On” poster can be time consuming. That’s why we have a developed a quick and easy poster designer, and it’s completely free. Simply tell us what TV stations and sports you, keep your events calendar up to date, and every month you’ll automatically get a new poster design.