Live Music Posts on Facebook, Made Easy


Any serious publican knows that Facebook is a must. But finding the time and having the creativity to keep it up to date isn’t always that straight forward. A good starting point is to have a format and a process. This is essentially a set of building blocks and plans that you follow. It makes creating posts for your bar much easier, because you know exactly what information you need to provide.

Different types of posts may require different formats. Below are six suggestions to consider when creating Live Music posts for your pub:

Include a Headline: Why do Newspapers have headlines? Because they grab a reader's attention! Facebook posts are no different. A brief headline at the top of the post straight away tells the reader what the post is about and engages them. Something as simple as “LIVE MUSIC FRIDAY”, can be very effective.

Who’s Playing?: Over time cover bands and musicians develop a following of sorts. Having a particular act in your bar, might just be what convinces someone to visit you rather than a competitor. So make sure to include the Act name.
Tip: Encourage the Acts you book to share your posts by tagging their name using the @ symbol.

What Time do they Start?: It may seem obvious, but it’s so often forgotten; include the start time.

Why Should People Come?: There’s more to a person’s decision to visit your bar than whether you’ve live music or not. People heading out for a drink want a particular type of atmosphere. What you offer may be exactly what they are looking for, so tell them about it. For example; “It’s party time in My Bar tonight with live music from Moone Boys”, or “Looking for a relaxing evening? Then join us in My Bar for a chilled out evening of acoustic music with Tom Boy”.

Special Offers: Adding a special offer on the end of your post can be a great way to cement the idea in someone’s head that they are going to your place.

Include a Photo or Video: An image is often what draws a person to a post. So it is vital to always include one. Where possible, it should be of the actual band playing.

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