An In-house PA: A Sound Investment


When it comes to live music and bar entertainment, Bars and pubs generally expect Acts to bring their own P.A. system as they don’t have one in-house. However, they could be missing a trick.

There are many ways an in-house PA system can benefit your business, many of which you may not have considered. If you’ve never thought about investing in a PA system, here are five reasons why you might:

1 - Health & Safety: Live bands pose two significant insurance risks. The first is the “humping of gear” through your pub. This often happens when it’s at its busiest, so tables can be knocked, bodies bumped, and drinks spilled. The second is the positioning of speakers. They are usually on stands and for practical and technical reasons, positioned right where customers are liable to knock the speakers (and themselves!) over. With an in-house system, the speakers can be permanently fixed in a safe and secure location out of harm's way. It also reduces the amount of gear the band need to bring through the pub.

2 - Greater Control: The bane of many publicans lives, is the volume control on a band’s PA and the high level it sometimes seems to get stuck at. With your own PA, you can have independent controls behind the bar that the band have no access to. You can even set different volumes for different parts of your bar. However, control is about more than just volume. Having an in-house PA allows you to ensure a more consistent and high quality sound.

3 - Better Customer Experience: Having a live band as your bar entertainment, comes with one unavoidable problem; the set-up. Between lifting gear and the incessant drone of “1, 2”, you can be guaranteed that some, if not all, of your customers are going to be disturbed in someway. As already mentioned, by having an in-house PA system, you reduce the amount of equipment a band needs to bring through. This also means less time setting everything up.

4 - Handy to Have: An in-house system comes with plenty of little benefits that can have a big impact:
- Sell it as a benefit to people thinking of booking your bar for a party or celebration where speeches are to be made.
-Use it to make safety and general announcements.
- It opens up a world of opportunities for other low cost Bar Entertainment.

5 - It can Save You Money: No different to yourself, bands want an easier life. They hate the moving of gear and the pro-longed set up just as much as you do. So where you can offer to take part of that hassle away, some bands will reward you by charging a lower fee.

What’s Involved?

P.A. systems are not the hugely expensive pieces of tech they once were. There are plenty of good quality, good value systems available. You don’t even need to get the whole thing. In most cases all you need are the basic speakers and amp into which the band can plug their own mixing desk.