TV Sports Posts on Facebook Made Easy

TV Sports subscription channels don’t come cheap. In order to maximise your return it’s vital to get every last potential sale you can, by promoting what you have coming up. One of the most effective ways to advertise your TV Sport is via Facebook. However, coming up with what to write can be difficult and stressful.

The most straightforward way to overcome this is to share existing posts created by someone else. Eir Sport Pubs for example, is a dedicated Facebook page specifically for this purpose. However, you may want to make it a little more individual, so here are five pointers to get you started:

Include a Headline: Just like a newspaper front page, you need a hook to get people’s attention. Make your post jump out to sports fans, by highlighting that it’s about sport.

Say What’s On: This may seem obvious, but clearly spell out what the event is. Include the event name and the teams or individuals involved. If it’s part of a tournament, list what the stage is.

Starting Time:Sometimes the best drama happens in the first few minutes, so no one wants to miss the start. Ensure they don’t by listing the event starting time.

Add a Photo: Facebook posts that include an image have twice the impact of posts that don’t. So whether it’s an official image from one of your providers, or something you sourced yourself, including a relevant picture is a must to for making maximum impact.

It’s Not Just about the Big Games: You can’t assume that your customers, and more importantly potentially new customers, know what events are coming up, when they’re on, and that you’re showing them. To maximise the return on your TV Sports spend, it’s important to maximise the promotion you do. This means publicising all and any events that may draw people in, not just the big events. Even less popular games have the potential to draw die hard fans out of the woodwork and onto a bar stool.

Let GizaGig Do it For You!

Of course, you could let someone else do it all for you. That someone is GizaGig and we’ll do it for free! Watch the video to see just how easy we make, and how it covers more than just sport.