5 Entertainment Ideas for a Profitable Lazy Sunday


Although we had a colder than usual start to the year, things have improved greatly over the last few weeks, with many more sunny days than rainy. It bodes well for a good summer! This means one thing for publicans and punters: lazy Sunday afternoons in a beer garden :-).

Actually, hopefully not so lazy for publicans. In fact, you want it to be the opposite. So now is the time to start planning on how to profit from those sunny days of rest. Here are five live entertainment suggestions to get punters into your beer garden and keep them there: 1 - Jazz Session: There is something about a crooner in the sun with a brass section, that lifts even the most lowly of spirits. Those classic songs and tunes, mixed with a few classic cocktails and plenty of banter, makes Jazz the perfect lazy Sunday afternoon event. It’s sophisticated, it’s different, and it can be soooo relaxing!

2 - Sports Quiz: We may not be in it, but many of us will sure as hell be watching it. Yes, the World Cup. Taking up nearly half the summer, it’s guaranteed to bring a few extra punters through the door on a Sunday afternoon. And to keep them there after the final whistle, what better way that a fun World Cup quiz to test their knowledge and create a buzz.

3 - Blues Afternoon: After a long week of listening to the charts on the radio at work, and more charts in the clubs on Friday and Saturday night, sometimes come Sunday your customers just want a change. Blues in the sun is that change. It’s engaging melodies and riffs are perfect for kicking back with a craft beer or whiskey!

4 - Irish Folk: From eighteen to eighty, there are few among us that don’t have a love for “Whiskey in the Jar” or “I’ll Tell Me Ma”. They’re familiar, they’re uplifting, and they’re comforting. So they’re the perfect ingredients to help your customers chill and get in the mood for the working week ahead.

5 - Singer/Songwriter: Singer/Songwriters often struggle to find a platform for their music. This is a great pity because there is some amazing undiscovered talent out there. However, this provides bars with a win-win opportunity for everyone. It suits you the publican because your booking costs are lower than for a covers band. It suits the Acts because they have an opportunity to play to an audience that is more likely to listen to them. And it suits the customers because they get to hear something new and at a time when they are more open to it. Who knows, yours could be the bar that helps launch the next Ed Sheeran! Be Persistent & Consistent
Ireland being Ireland, the weather will be as changeable as, well the weather! However, don’t let a bit of rain put you off. Hail or shine, be persistent and consistent. If you plan to run an afternoon event every Sunday until All-Ireland day, then do it, even if that means bringing it inside on occasion.