5 Essential Last-Minute Checks for Your Wedding Entertainment


Everything is organised and the hard work is done. Now all you have to do now is sit back with a glass of prosecco, admire your work, and wait for the big day to arrive. While you’re sitting there however, you may as well send a few emails to your suppliers, just to reconfirm everything that you haven’t already.

This is particularly important for your wedding music and entertainment. With everything else you organised, you were given an official “booking confirmation” outlining all of the essential details. With the band and other musicians, you most likely you have a string of emails and a few notes on Post-its! Regardless of whether it is the church music, wedding band, or the DJ, a couple of weeks before the big day, send them a final confirmation email confirming all of the finer details. The 5 last-minute essentials to check with each are:

1. The Times: Nothing will make you more anxious than watching the clock. Ensure calm nerves in advance by knowing when everything is due to happen.

- Arrival Time
- Start Time
- Break time (if applicable)
- Finish time

2. The Music: From the soundtrack for your walk up the aisle, to whether uncle Harry can get up and do his Joe Dolan number, these are some of the special moments that make your day perfect. So, it’s no harm to reconfirm:

- All song requests for the ceremony and reception
- Whether your first dance song will be played live by the band or digitally. If it’s the latter, confirm what device will be used and who is responsible for ensuring it goes off without a hitch
- Any songs you’ve vetoed and definitely do not want played
- Whether Uncle Harry, or anyone else for that matter, is allowed up to sing

3. The Money: It’s an area that many of us shy away from, but one that can cause unnecessary tension. Avoid it by double checking all the details in advance:

- How much is due to the Act
- How it will be paid
- Whom will be paying it. If it’s on the day, state whom is looking after it and what their role is - best man, bridesmaid, etc.
- When it will be paid, before or after the performance, or in advance of the day

4. The Communications: Between the Child of Prague on the lawn and all the good luck wishes, nothing could possibly go wrong! Could it? Well just in case, it’s better to make sure everyone can contact each other. So:
- Have at least one mobile number for the Act, but two is much safer

- Provide them with at least one contact name and mobile number for a wedding party member who can deal with any problems. Again, two numbers are safer
- Tell the band or musicians who the venue contact is, and if possible provide a contact number for them. If the ceremony is in a church, it will most likely be the priest, and if in a hotel or other venue, it’ll be the wedding co-ordinator

The Rest: There are lots of little things that you just don’t think of until they happen and cause a problem! Here are a few pitfalls to avoid:

- Remind them of the bride and grooms’ names. It may seem obvious, but better to be safe than sorry!
- Confirm whether or not they intend to erect their advertising banners on stage, and whether or not you’ll let them
- Lots of venues have lots of rooms. Stop your wedding band from getting lost by telling them which one your ceremony, pre-reception, reception, afters, is taking place in

Finally, ask the Acts to respond to the email confirming all is OK. And make sure it is an email or on Messenger. Just as you should have been doing all along, having everything written down will vital in the unlikely event of a dispute later on.

So that’s it. You really can now sit back, enjoy a glass of bubbly, and rest in the knowledge that your day will be perfect. In fact, you’re feeling so smug and happy with yourself, you might have two!