8 Absolute Essentials for Booking the Perfect Wedding Band


The last thing you want before your big day is a broken heart. But if you choose the wrong act or band for your wedding, that’s what you might be in for! This means you have to look beyond the music to other key factors such as professionalism, attitude, and reliability. So, just as you did when choosing your honeymoon destination, you need to do your homework first. Thankfully we’re here to help with a list of 8 essentials for booking the perfect wedding band and entertainment :-).

1. Give Yourself Plenty of Choice: You want to have the biggest choice of bands possible, so get interest from as many of them as you can. A good starting point is friends, colleagues, and other weddings you attend. You could also give up your weekend nights to go traipsing from one live music bar to the next. However, for best results put a post on every Facebook wedding group you’ve joined, and ask Acts to contact you. All you need to do is say what and where it is, and what information you want them to send you. You’ll be amazed at how much interest you get!

2. Get Videos & Photos: The primary reason for requesting videos and photos is to get a feel for what you can expect to see and hear on your big day. Whether for a ceremony or reception, they let you see how well an Act performs and the atmosphere they create.

In addition, the quality of videos and photos you receive, and the effort put into them, can indicate how professional an Act sees themselves as being. Poor quality media, or none at all, could be an indicator that an Act doesn’t take wedding bookings that seriously.

3. Request a Sample Song-list: While a video will show you how a band sounds and looks, it doesn’t tell you what songs they play. So request a list of songs you can expect to hear on the night. It doesn’t have to be an exact set-list, but it should contain at least 40 songs that give a good overall idea of what you can expect to hear.

Apart from the songs themselves, other things to look out for include presentation: is it divided by genres and/or years, is it riddled with spelling mistakes, etc.? Although only minor, a lack of care with something as basic as a song-list, could suggest a lack of care elsewhere.

4. Act Biography: How long an Act has been performing, where they’ve performed, and who’s booked them in the past, can be a real window into an Act’s suitability and reliability. A biography will tell you all of this and more. Look for the names of well known companies, personalities, and venues that they have played in or for. In the case of venues mentioned, check their Facebook pages to see whether the Act are regulars there or not.

5. Act FAQ’s: One of the most frustrating and time consuming elements of booking your band, and the one that can really break your heart, is the backwards and forwards trying to get answers to questions. A good Act will be able to pre-empt these questions in advance and provide you with a set of frequently asked questions and answers.

6. Good Communication: For your own convenience, ask everyone to contact you using the same method; either email or messenger. Not only does it keep all communications together in one place, it also means you have a record of everything discussed. Should any confusion arise in the future, it’s easy to check back and see what was agreed.

Using messenger or email is also another measurement of professionalism and attitude. Things to look out for include: taking longer than 24 hours to respond, basic errors like spelling mistakes, and whether they send you direct links and attachments or whether they expect you to go looking for things yourself.

7. Fee: Never disclose your budget, no matter how pushy an Act is. Think about it: you don’t go into a shop and tell the owner how much you’re prepared to pay for something. They know the value of what they’re selling and price it accordingly. The same goes for Acts, so let them tell you what they charge!

8. Simple Sorting: So you followed all the instructions above, and now find yourself with so many responses that you’re starting to get a little overwhelmed. Luckily sorting through them is quick and easy. Start with price, if they’re out of your budget then put them in the “Rejected” pile. Then look at what’s being offered in terms of music and atmosphere. If it doesn’t float your boat, swipe left.

At this point you’ll be left with a selection of Acts that are all suitable for your big day. You just need to figure out which one is the most suitable. This is where keeping an eye on quality and presentation comes into play. Remember, not only do you want a band that will be brilliant on the day, you want a band that will be brilliant to work with in the weeks and months before it. So, weed out those acts that show a consistent lack of care and attention to their Biog, FAQ’s, Song-List, Emails, etc. until you’re left with the one that you are sure will give you the care and attention your day deserves!

There you have it, 8 absolute essentials for finding the perfect soundtrack to your perfect day. If you follow these steps, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at just how easy getting the right Acts for your wedding is. However, you could make it even easier on yourself by going to www.GizaGig.com. Not only will you find all the bands you want, along with all of their essential info, you’ll be able to book them instantly too :-)