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  1. What is GizaGig?

    Gizagig is a cloud based live entertainment management, and real-time booking system. It connects live entertainment acts with those that wish to book them.

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  2. How Does it Work?

    Gizagig works similarly to other online booking systems such as hotel booking sites. “Acts” (those wishing to receive bookings) are effectively the hotels, and the “Bookers” book them. However, unlike hotel booking systems, GizaGig provides additional management functionality.

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  3. GizaGig Functionality & Services Include:

    • Real-time bookings of live entertainment Acts

    • Posting of event details to Users’ social media pages

    • Design, print and delivery of promotional posters

    • Ratings and reviews, left by the booker and the Act

    • A complete reporting suite incorporating usage and spend

    • Media production (e.g. Videos for Acts)

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  4. Who Will Use It?

    The system will be used by people wanting to book an act, be booked as an act, or review acts and events. The most obvious audience are musical acts, pubs/venues, and their fans. However, it has a much wider reach covering everything from After Dinner Speakers and Comedians, to Wedding Planners and Corporations, etc.

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  5. What is the Value Proposition?

    The current method of securing bookings, for both bookers and Acts, is hugely outdated. The task of “filling” one’s diary is time consuming, restrictive, and often frustrating. People will use GizaGig, because it eradicates all of these issues, plus a whole lot more by offering:

    • Convenience, Speed & Efficiency
    • Greater Choice
    • Greater Geographical Reach
    • Time Savings

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  6. How Does it Make Money?

    The system generates revenue in multiple ways with the main ones being:

    • Booking Fee: Each time an Act is booked, they pay a booking fee to the system
    • Account Fee: Some User Types, such as venues, are required to pay a monthly account fee
    • Advertising: The system is such that targeted advertising can be offered
    • Premium Services: The system will offer additional services in the area of marketing and promotion such as communal third party advertising.

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  7. Is There a Market?

    The Michael Smurfit Graduate Business School at University College Dublin was contracted in 2015 to carry out a market research programme to ascertain the potential market size. They conducted research across Ireland, the UK and the USA with regards to the demand for, and value of live music bookings in bars/pubs/cafés, for wedding functions, and private events such as birthdays. Included in their findings was the number of weekly live gigs being performed across the three territories:

    • Ireland: 11,000+
    • UK: 70,000+
    • USA: 350,000+

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  8. Interested in Investing?

    Should you be interested in investing in GizaGig, please contact us:

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